Dr. Kirsten Rodgers

“As a Learning and Leadership Consultant practicing in public health over the last 15 years, I wanted to expand my services to healthcare. Dr. Ariela Freedman and the Compass Within Program helped me reframe how I offered my services, focusing on my true strengths and targeting how I could put my best foot forward when entering this new phase of my career. I am better equipped in helping others in the health field discover their own leadership capabilities and learning solutions. I have grown as a result of this experience and hope to apply what I have gained in Compass Within with my clients.”

Anne-France Courrier

“Compass Within taught me what my strengths are and how to use them in the best way possible, as well as how to keep the best of me for myself. Ariela was great help, always knowing what questions to ask, helping me understand how to approach different situations, and guiding me in the right direction.”

Bill Laing

"I reached a point where I realized that I needed to find a new path and someone to help guide me. I found that and more from Compass Within. The program goes far beyond just understanding my strengths; it has given me additional tools to help guide my decisions. Ariela has been wonderful. She is very insightful and has really been able to help me realize needed change in my career path and my life."